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The Fuel Factor X 5 Gallon Jug is the ideal tool for mixing custom fuel additives. Perfect for race teams, performance shops, and auto enthusiasts, it’s easy to maintain a variety of fuels when making 5 gallons of the custom fuel blend. Treating 50,000 gal. of fuel adds up to 15 horsepower on the track or on the street. This large capacity helps maximize savings by eliminating the cost of running multiple tanks. Additionally, this allows for higher octane racing fuel which improves engine life. Custom fuels do not rely on age-old measurements & rules but rather are determined by the contents, concentration, and method used to create a unique fuel blend. Some popular additions include; Water/ Octane Ratio Era Dosed Shell Oiler Additives Ignition Advance Boost Timing Stability Performance

Fuel Factor X Bulk 5 Gallon Product Features

  • Builds endurance, boost, and performance benefits.
  • Compatible with your OEM fuel rail.
  • Uses standardized fill stations (diesel): truck, tank, regulator.
  • Product Features
  • Additive for gasoline.
  •  The fuel factor is based on the octane rating of the fuel.
  •  Formula designed to protect equipment.
FFX is a comprehensive fuel treatment. Other products may have one or two of our components, but none have all of them. It would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits as using FFX.

FFX Fuel Consumption Reduction Testimonials

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