Gluconid Capsule – Natural Diabetes Solution For All



Gluconid Capsule is a natural compound that reduces co – metabolite levels brought on by diabetes and regulates blood sugar levels. Gluconid ingestion results in the reduction of glucose, fructose, sucrose, disaccharides, and other offensive metabolites which cause hyperglycemia (“high” or “raised” blood sugar) and can lead to diabetic complications including renal failure if left untreated. Gluconid lowers both postprandial and fasting blood sugars and improves glycemic control when compared with placebo for low, middle, and high-end goals (<200, 200 – 299, and >299 mg/dl).


GLUCONID CAPSULE is a simple, safe, and effective oral anti-glycation agent that reduces co-metabolism. It regulates blood sugar levels by neutralizing the harmful low-level plasma hyperglycemia which causes long-term damage to the eyes, nerves, kidneys, skin, hair, and other tissues.

This results in vision deterioration, neuropathy (nerve tissue injury), irritated eyes, brittle hair, & many more diabetic complications. Research suggests it could be 20 – 40% more effective than currently available drug treatments due to the prevention of neurotoxicity from ameliorated hyperglycemia.-

Health Benefits of Gluconid Capsule

  • 60 capsules per box.
  • Manufacturer sourced through GNC’s extensive direct-to-consumer network.
  • Tested for purity and potency to ensure quality after batch release.

➡️ Diabetes
➡️ Hyperglycemia
➡️ Type 1
➡️ Type …

One Cure products are made to help the human race take advantage of nature’s miracles and unleash the power of complementary and alternative medicine to treat all types of illness utilizing a holistic Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, and Aromatherapeutic approach. Optometry and various types of medical research are other fields in which One Cure Ltd. is active.

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. The body’s cells do not use insulin as efficiently as normal. And co – metabolites brought on by diabetes such as large plasmalemma choline-containing membrane and cytoplasmic calcium-sensing proteins called calmodulins regulate blood sugar levels in the same way they regulate water levels inside an aquarium.

Glucoside (GLUCONIDE) reduces co – metabolites regulate blood sugar levels and restores cellular hydration. Effects include regulating glucose, maintaining optimum blood pressure, suppressing hunger, and controlling fatigue while sustaining energy to exercise. Diabetics must consume carbohydrates for energy; Gluconid reuptakes carbohydrates from the bloodstream into the cell allowing natural energy to be produced.


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