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Pure GoYin is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), go-yin uses a verified formula to bring balance to your body and life allowing the body to heal itself and function at its peak levels.

For over 5,000 years, TCM practitioners have tested and refined the art of balancing the body as a way of enhancing overall health and well-being.


Go-yin unifies the analytical benefits of the Western science knowledge of proper ratios and blending to create a perfect balancing blend.

Benefits of Pure GoYin

  1. Support healthy Energy.
  2. Enhances mood.
  3. Supports a balanced body.
  4. Increase vigor.
  5. Reduce tension, sadness, and fatigue.
  6. Delivers antioxidant protection
  7. High in vitamins B6 and B12.
  8. Non-GMO.
  9. Vegan.

Your body can receive nutritional assistance from pure GoYin to help it cope with stress from daily life. It is a proprietary combination of superfruits, herbs, and other fruits that have been traditionally used to help bring the body into balance and increase general well-being. It was developed on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been practiced for 5,000 years.
Based on ancient Asian herbal techniques, this product contains a unique combination of fruits and herbs, including astragalus, jujube date, gac, hawthorn, Schisandra, tangerine, and ginger to assist maintain balance.

provide a reliable supply of the vitamins B6 and B12. B6 is necessary for the body to produce energy from the food we eat. DNA and hormones are two crucial cell components that the body needs B12 to create.

manufactured with natural ingredients; vegan. Pure Goin increased overall sensations of energy and well-being and lowered symptoms of melancholy, tension, and weariness in a preliminary study with 100 healthy, stressed individuals.

Pure GoYin

Recommended Uses

  • For those who are 12 years of age and older, take 1-2 fluid ounces in the morning and afternoon on an empty stomach, or as your healthcare practitioner may instruct you.
  • Do not consume more than 2 fl. oz. per day for kids aged 6 to 11 years old. Take in the morning or evening on an empty stomach, or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.
  • If desired, take more portions as needed throughout the day.
  • It can be consumed on its own or combined with other natural fruit juices.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Before using this product, talk to a doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, using prescription medication, or have a medical condition.

Pure GoYin

Pure Goyin’s Goal

to evaluate the impact of a dietary supplement (GoYin) based on traditional Asian medicine

(TAM) on the perceptions of mood, energy, tension, and tiredness by people under stress.

“Imbalance”-causing” factors (Stress)

emotional strain brought on by obligations, costs, and traffic
Physical strain (insufficient or excessive exercise, lack of sleep…)
Environmental stresses (cold, heat, pollution of the air and water…)
Unhealthy eating habits (processed foods, insufficient nutrients, few phytonutrients, etc.)
The following are imbalance (stress) triggers:
The inside
the exterior
in every location!
It must happen!


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